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Christmas Plays

I've been lucky this week to have three versions of Christmas Spirits performed with the latest at Wellspring Productions that I've shared here. This piece definitely seems to resonate.

This week has also been wonderful as I've been developing my two plays. The first play is with Company of Angels and working on a mythological water goddess piece called Undine and trying to look at drought through a fantasy lens. I had three wonderful actors read 30 pages last night and am looking forward to tweaking and writing more.

I'm also working on my Dream Incubators play with The Vagrancy and met with my director, Dean Grosbard on Monday and we had a fabulous chat about sleep science, dramaturgical ideas and research that can help me in continuing to write. The meeting gave me so many ideas and I'm excited to keep delving into these ideas of power and control in our subconscious. So thankful to be wrapping up the year with writing and thinking about how to move forward with my projects!

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