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Check out my writing projects below. If you're interested in seeing a script, please feel free to contact me. 

Bloomer Girls

TV Pilot

Logline: After a rival’s killed by a baseball, Maggie, the manager tries to keep her 19th-century female baseball team together as they run from one town while angry locals, marriage proposals, missing players, and suffragist pamphlets all threaten to destroy the one thing they all want: to play ball.

Bloomer Girls is a fictional account of real-life women in the late 1800s who traveled the United States playing sports and looking for adventure. A ragtag women's team headed by a female manager travels the West playing local teams. Half vaudevillian, but trying to prove their true athleticism and strength as women, they continue to try and overcome stereotypes. The Wild West holds hope for these women that they can redefine who they are without raising too many eyebrows.

In this GLOW meets A League of Their Own show, after Amelia hits a rival in the head and kills him, the team’s on the run to the next town. Maggie, the manager, has to secure another place to play, get the town on board with women playing sports, and worry about securing more players as the token man on their team just left. And her players are no help: Liz thinks about accepting a proposal, Cora keeps handing out suffragette pamphlets, and Amelia’s still traumatized from killing a man. Can the team come together and actually win a baseball game?


Dreams Distilled

TV Pilot

Logline: When a distillery that brews dreams for its customers starts giving nightmares, the CEO has to prevent collapse. But altering dreams has a price: can the customer’s subconsciouses handle the liquor or will their identities be changed for the worse?

In the sleepy midwestern town of Lawrenceburg, one only dreams of greater things. And that’s what the Will ‘O Wisp Distillery provides for its customers—a special brew that gives them the best dreams of their lives.

Dreams Distilled is a one-hour drama that explores the creation of a family business that distills a dream liquor. Janelle, the CEO, returns home after a monumental business failure to discover her high school flame, Charlie, has made this new brew that gives consumers the best dreams of their lives. As the quintessential entrepreneur that she is, she can’t turn down this opportunity even though she’s still reeling from her failure and the past relationship with Charlie might get in the way.

Janelle enlists the help of her father, Brandon, and takes him out of retirement to her mother’s dismay. They open both the distillery and a hotel to go along with it to offer the best dream experiences to their customers. In hotel rooms, the customers are served by bartenders and then fall asleep to experience a dream like they’ve never had before.

While the opening of the business should be all celebration, in their rush to open Charlie and Mieke (Quality Control Manager) discover a bad batch has been sent to the hotel: these bottles could cause nightmares. But the worst nightmare would be the business would close almost immediately.

Image by Dylan de Jonge

The Front Office

TV Pilot written with Koji Steven Sakai

Logline: A Shakespearean drama about a family-owned basketball franchise when the leadership switches from the father to one of his three daughters.

The Front Office follows a family-owned half-billion-dollar basketball franchise and examines the themes of familial love and betrayal seen through the eyes of all the stadium’s social classes.

This 60-minute drama is a cross between King Lear and Downton Abbey in the world of professional sports.

The wealthy owners (a father and his three daughters) run the family business while also jockeying for influence, ownership, and even love.

Ali, the oldest, has been groomed for the position and is a business and marketing genius. But it's difficult to determine if her love life (she's pursuing a younger lesbian socialite) will be an asset or a flaw. If Ali is the brains of the team, Jill, the middle sister, is the heart of it and has the love of the coaches and players because she's slept with most of the team and half the front office. Her charm cannot be denied. Kira, the youngest, played college basketball and now works in the coach's office. She loves the game, but isn't sure she wants to deal with the business.

The jockeying for who will take the reins happens while the million dollar players compete not only to win a championship, but also to secure their next big contract. And, of course there's the minimum wage workers try to scrape by while making the arena run.



TV Pilot written with Koji Steven Sakai

Logline: Unorthodox is a dramedy about three teenage exorcists trying to save a high school and save the world in an end times battle between good and evil—the only problem: knowing who is actually good and who is actually evil.

What are three teenage girl exorcists supposed to do when the end times suggest an epic battle between good and evil?

Go to a Midwestern High School, of course. The girls are on a mission to save students’ souls and find the Chosen One whom they have to protect.

Unorthodox is a 60-minute sci-fi/dramedy that is Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets The Exorcist.

Meet Holly, the skeptic, who loves the idea of going back to high school because it was one of the best times of her life. But it’s hard to be the popular girl when the “Voice of God” speaks through you calling others out.

Meet Olive, the muscle, whose Samsonesque strength gets her into more fights with both Holly and others than it allows her to get her way.

And meet Valentina, the peacekeeper, whose gift of prophesy frightens more than encourages the three in their task.

These exorcists have been trained in a secret convent to fight evil, but they’re more concerned with fighting each other since they don’t see eye to eye. They have to put their differences aside to learn how to capture the demons that take over the high schoolers and lead them to their side while they search for the Chosen One at this high school. And it’s getting more difficult to tell if they’re actually fighting on the side of good or evil.


Farm Field



Logline: The sci-fi film, Buried, follows Jennifer who returns home after her mother’s funeral to save the family farm. In a strange scheme to bury people’s dirty laundry, she unknowingly introduces a contagious memory-loss inducing plant to her family's farm. She must work with the FBI and scientists to save her small town, family, and the memories of this place.

What would it be like to wake up every morning with no memories at all? That’s the fate that befalls Rising Sun’s citizens when Jennifer unknowingly releases a plant toxin that causes this contagious disease. While she tries to save the town and its history with Mendel, an agricultural scientist, she must also deal with a father who just wants to forget, an ex-boyfriend whose wife uses his memory loss to her advantage, and a friend’s son who no longer knows who he is. Jennifer has to come face to face with the fear of who we are if we don’t have our memories.

My Imaginary Boyfriend

Film written with Koji Steven Sakai

Logline: What happens when you can’t find the man of your dreams? Just imagine him instead. That’s exactly what desperate romantic Juliette does, but she has to convince her family and friends she isn’t crazy and her love for Randall, her imaginary boyfriend, is real, even if he isn’t.

My Imaginary Boyfriend is a feature length romantic comedy about a girl who meets a boy and fall in love. But happily ever after isn’t quite so obtainable because Juliette is needy and constantly falling in love and Randall’s not even real – he’s a figment of her messed up imagination.

Over time, Randall helps Juliette becomes less dependent, and in the process her friends and family learn to accept her imaginary boyfriend and are forever changed by their unusual relationship. When Juliette asks Randall to marry her, he accepts. But at the wedding when she finally understands what it means to truly love a person, he disappears. In an effort to cheer her up, her friends take her on her honeymoon, where she meets Randall again – this time for real!

Couple Holding Hands

Romeo, Juliet, and Rosaline



Evil Stepsister

Film written with Koji Steven Sakai

Logline: What if the evil stepsisters of Cinderella fame weren’t really evil? All Lavender and Isabella want is to become knights, but Cinderella starts an all out battle of the mean girls to prevent Lavender from getting her happily ever after.

Two widowed parents mean that they’re destined to marry each other, right? Lavender and Isabella (the evil stepsisters of Cinderella fame) scheme to setup their mother with Cinderella’s father. But they didn’t realize that they’d get an evil stepsister out of the bargain.

In this new take on the tale, Lavender and Isabella are women who know what they want and aren’t afraid of the patriarchal society that might prevent them from romance and combat respectively. Yet they've misstepped and are on Cinderella's naughty list so not only do they have to navigate a new family, they have to save their mother and their names. When the Prince announces a ball, Lavender decides to go head to head with Cinderella to find the man of her dreams and fulfill her mother’s wishes for her life. All of the women must figure out whether what they really want is worth pursuing at the family’s expense in this sisters over misters film.

Image by Felicity Lynn
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