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Check out my writing projects below. I primarily write fantasy for middle grade and adult. If you're interested in seeing a manuscript, please feel free to contact me. 

The Weather Alchemist_edited.jpg

The Weather Alchemist

Middle Grade Fantasy Novel. 

46,000 words


Thrown into a land on the brink of revolution, Madely must use her gift of weather alchemy to battle an out-of-control Queen whose moods create the weather so she can find her missing mother before the storms destroy all hope.

Muffet Monroe and the Spider in Her Whey

Middle Grade Fantasy Novel

48000 words

Muffet, a reclusive 12-year-old who mostly hangs out with bugs, will do anything to find a real friend, but Arachne, sixth grader turned spider, wants her body back and to exact revenge on the goddess that took it from her. As their stories weave together, these girls will either end up BFFs or stuck in a web of lies.

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YA Novel in Verse


Undine, a water sprite, hides from her father and the only friend that visits her is Moon. But when Oliver searches for water and discovers Undine they fall in love. When she decides to help him bring water back to the land, her father demands that she gets married to gain immortality. The only problem is that will cost her husband his life.

Untitled Irish Underworld Project

Adult Fantasy Novel

60000 words

Tess’s family bakery in Tir Na Nog (the Irish Underworld) grants wishes through magic pastries.  After the customer eats one, they dream about their wish and when they wake, it comes true. Recently, Tess has taken over as head baker due to her father’s illness. But when Rian, a new (and annoyingly handsome) customer fails to get a dream, it puts Tess’s magic and her family’s livelihood at stake.


Rian’s dream request is to meet the love of his life. Without it, he’ll be stuck dancing the night away during ball season as his mother is determined to find him the best match. Desperate to build his own life adventuring to the Upper World away from the prying eyes of family, he needs a shortcut to finding love so he can start living his life on his own terms.


Together, Tess and Rian must solve why the dreams aren’t working before Samhain (the night when spirits can travel between worlds). As they travel Tir Na Nog’s countryside searching for answers to Tess’s missing magic, they find friendship and love like neither have ever experienced. But they must decide if recovering the magic is worth sacrificing their relationship forever.  

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