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My Work

Check out my writing projects below. If you're interested in seeing a script, please feel free to contact me. 

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Bloomer Girls

Script Available on New Play Exchange


Bloomer Girls is a fictional account of real-life women in the late 1800s who traveled the United States playing sports and looking for adventure. A ragtag women's team headed by a female manager travels the West playing local teams. Half vaudevillian, but trying to prove their true athleticism and strength as women, they continue to try and overcome stereotypes. The Wild West holds hope for these women that they can redefine who they are without raising too many eyebrows.

Juxtaposed with the 1800s team, modern college softball players face similar struggles as they attempt to find room in a sport that divides them from men and still limits their options at the top of the game.

Dream Inc.

Script Available on New Play Exchange


When the Dream Incubator team can't solve the reasons for Chelsea's dream abnormalities, they dive into her dreams and desires to make her the person they think she wants to be. Paddling through the uncharted ethical waters of what dreams could become, the team attempts to create better versions of themselves through dreams, but are the experiments in the hands of scientists, corporations, or even their own?

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The Paper Hangers

Script available on New Play Exchange


Based on Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s "The Yellow Wallpaper," The Paper Hangers takes a modern look at Me’s struggle to deal with postpartum depression when society, particularly her mother and husband, expect a new mother to embrace motherhood and domesticity.


STAGES Theatre

Fullerton, CA

March 2020


AboutFace Theatre Company

Dublin, Ireland

November 2019


Woven Theatre Company

Nashville, TN

September 2019


Project La Femme/Curtis Theatre

August 2019

Gemini Complex

Script available on New Play Exchange


When Aster's kidnapped by Captain James Cook and a soul conservationist , she begins a journey to explore her past in order to reclaim her missing soul. They must explore the coral reef of the soul to find it or face being shipwrecked and stuck forever. While searching for her soul, she confronts the possibility that someone else could have lived her life better than her. She has to decide what really makes an imperfect life worth living and if she can rebuild her soul before it becomes extinct.



Theatricum Botanicum GreenReads

October 2019

The Great American Playbook Podcast

Fall 2019

HBMG Foundation’s National Winter Playwrights Retreat February 2018

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Monstrous Women

Script Available on New Play Exchange


Four monstrous women gather because the mysterious fifth person of their group, Creature, has disappeared. And like many women who go missing, she’s ignored, particularly this group feels because she’s a monster. Monstrous Women explores searching for identity when you’re outcast and society fears you.


As the women search, they travel to their own memories and past to reexamine the lives they’ve created for themselves living on the boundaries and if they can change the societal fear of what it means to be female. When they discover the truth about Creature, they have to face their own questions: Are they the true monsters they’re accused of being or can they change their own stories? What happens when you don’t control the myths made about you?


Script Available on New Play Exchange


Undine, a water sprite, hides from her father and the only friend that visits her is Moon. But when Oliver searches for water and discovers Undine they fall in love. When she decides to help him bring water back to the land, her father demands that she gets married to gain immortality. The only problem is that will cost her husband his life.

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