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Bloomer Girls at Macha Theatre Works

While I'm majorly behind in posting, I was so lucky to have my play, Bloomer Girls, as part of Macha Theatre Works Distillery in April!

These amazing actors-- Laura Knight, Sara Schweid, Emily Hall, Emma Archbold, Aarti Tiwari, Iveliz Martel, Jessica Robins, and Anna Mulia-- portrayed the baseball teams from 1893 and 2019 to show how women's roles in baseball and softball have changed (and not) over time.

I couldn't have asked for a better experience! The play was part of an entire weekend celebrating female playwrights. Our director, Anna-Claire Day, brilliantly staged the show including many of the fun vaudeville moments of the show. And perhaps the moment when the actors got the entire audience to stand and sing ""Take Me Out to the Ballgame" was one of my favorite experiences. Theatre and baseball do have that love of bringing community and groups together for a combined purpose.

I'm so thankful for artistic director, Amy Poisson, literary manager, Leah Jarvik, local playwright, Maggie Lee, and the many others of Macha Theatre Works that helped make this a magical and memorable experience. I walked away knowing how to keep revising and making this play stronger to keep telling the stories of these athletes.

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