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Bloomer Girls

I'm so excited to share this piece with the world! I was chosen for the New Works Virtual Festival back in September and we recorded the piece in October. These amazing actors brought the piece to life and I'm so thankful to tell this story as a pilot script and am also finishing up a play version as well!

A little more about the show:

Bloomer Girls is a fictional account of real life women in the late 1800s who travelled the United States playing sports and looking for adventure. A ragtag women's team headed by a female manager travels the West playing local teams. Half vaudevillian, but trying to prove their true athleticism and strength as women, they continue to try and overcome stereotypes. The Wild West holds hope for these women that they can redefine who they are without raising too many eyebrows.

In this “GLOW” meets A League of Their Own show, after Amelia hits a rival in the head and kills him, the team’s on the run to the next town. Maggie, the manager, has to secure another place to play, get the town on board with women playing sports, and worry about securing more players as the token man on their team just left. And her players are no help: Liz thinks about accepting a proposal, Cora keeps handing out suffragette pamphlets, and Amelia’s still traumatized from killing a man. Can the team come together and actually win a baseball game?

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