The Front Office Trailer for Candivan



TV Pilots

The Front Office

A sixty-minute drama where a modern day King Lear who owns a billion dollar basketball franchise has to decide which of his children is the most worthy to take  over the family business.


 A sixty-minute sci-fi drama where a robotics engineer believes her family has been replaced by robots as part of a massive conspiracy.


A thirty-minute sitcom about a character who escapes her painting in the National Gallery to search for freedom and adventure in the real world.

Bloomer Girls

Bloomer Girls is a fictional account of real life women in the late 1800s who travelled the United States playing sports and looking for adventure. A ragtag women's team headed by a female manager travels the Wild West hoping that they can redefine who they are without raising too many eyebrows.


My Imaginary Boyfriend

A romantic comedy where a woman falls head over heels in love, but no one else can see her boyfriend. Project Catalyst Awardee 2013. 

Romeo, Juliet, and Rosaline

Optioned by Amazon Studios. Staged reading by LA Outside the Box in June 2006 of this historical revision of Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet. 


Grounded sci-fi script about a daughter saving her family farm that advanced to second round of Sundance Screenwriting Lab in August 2018. 

Evil Stepsister

Cinderella's the true evil stepsister in this retelling of the classic fairy tale from her stepsisters' side.

Emily and Elvis

In heaven, Emily Dickinson and Elvis Presley meet and fall in love, but have to decide if they really prefer heaven over hell.

This Side of Nirvana

A woman hires an actress to play the part of her lesbian girlfriend in order to prevent her mother from forcing her to get married.

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